A voice for the voiceless

There’s a part of me deep within that feels a responsibility to tend and love this earth. It’s the natural reaction I have in response to all it has given me. Nature has led me to Jesus and tended to some of my deepest wounds. It’s in the open places I find my freedom, I find my voice, and I find the wholeness I was always meant to.

I think it’s easy to find deeply rooted joy and fulfillment in the wild lands.
It, along with Jesus, is the only constant I have ever known. So in my wholeness, I will speak of the truth I have found.

It’s out of this very wholeness and passion that came Sol&Co. A passion for a company to stand for something larger than a profit margin, and use its influence to inspire good, and share insights. A passion for companies to take up a responsibility to tend not only for this earth but also for its people.

Maybe some of you are similar to how I was a few years ago, totally unaware of the effects our everyday life has on the environment, and it’s not our fault. There are industries hidden behind dollar signs and full of secrets, to distract us from seeing the effects of our purchases. I say this not to be a clamoring voice highlighting problems, but to be a voice that provides hope in a future where mysteries are unraveled and production is honest. A voice that deeply loves and desires the best for this planet and its people.

With that, I vow to be open and transparent in sharing all the research and knowledge I find in the process of doing what I can to love our lands.
I vow to run a company that is transparent with every decision we make. And finally, I vow to lift other companies and sources making the change because I know, “one voice yelling may seem like a whisper, but many will create a shout.” 

-Lexi Grisanti Founder of Sol&Co

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